7 Crucial Tips for Selling Your Caravan
Posted On Aug 17 2020 | News
Are you Expecting a smoothest possible experience while trade-in Caravan? Getting rid of the caravan without hassles is not a child’s game. Due to this, we have come up with Top 7 crucial tips for selling your caravan in the shortest period or like a piece of cake.

Essential Tips to Focus on While Selling Your Caravan

1. Sell at a Peak Time-

The peak month to sell your caravan is from January to April. Make sure to sell it during peak time because the high demand will fuel up caravans’ price. The further it leads to more profits.

2. Start with a Fair Price–

You should start with the fair price and also prepare for the negotiations. In private or online selling at classified ads, buyers often do lots of negotiations. It’s better if you also look at the advertising of others selling the same model as yours. This will let you know the pattern & market price for the model.

3. Always Include Key Details in Your Ad-

There are lots of things that you must have to mention in your ad; otherwise, you won’t be able to sell it off. The key details are accurate to make, model, year, odometer reading, mileage cover, caravan maintenance schedule, etc. Be prepared for buyers’ questioning if your model has some issues and never hide any of the buyer’s technical issues. Most importantly, it would help make your advertisement more attractive, like a proper description, uploading of an attractive image, and writing all details online.

The buyer can also ask some technical questions. Some of them are given below-

  • How often has the caravan been used?
  • What does it weigh (TARE, GTM, and ATM)?
  • All Service details and history.
  • Total kilometers traveled, including off-road, on dirt.
Therefore, upfront with all the answers. You also need to mention the reason for selling the caravan. So, be specific & highlights all positives.

4. Photograph your caravan–

You have to take plenty of photos of your caravan and then upload those images online to influence the buyer. If there are some kind of dents on your van then, make sure to cover it in the photo so that buyer can look at everything. While taking photos, make sure to turn on the lights & open the window to click attractive photos.

5. Clean Your Caravan–

Make sure to clean the caravan completely. Proper wash it & clean its exterior as well the interior. If you have receipts of caravan maintenance then, you should show it to the prospective buyer.

6. Ensure the inspection is a pleasant experience–

Most importantly, you need to give a pleasant experience to the caravan buyer when they come to you for inspection. In case they come in the night, make sure to have full lightning in the van so that they can inspect it easily.

7. Be safe online–

Always use the genuine & reputed site for caravan’s online selling; otherwise, it leads to a scam. Many people scam with caravan owners, and they come to know this after the incident has done.

The bottom line!!

In the above manner, you can enjoy the pleasant selling of caravan. But if you want to sell your caravan without hassles and want instant cash then, you can contact Caravans Buyers Brisbane!!