Sell My Scrap Car
Posted On Nov 21 2022 | News
In most countries, one can legally sell their car as scrap metal before paying for a roadworthy certificate. This article will guide you on how to sell your scrap car in Brisbane and the different types of certificates you need to submit with the final vehicle documents.


  • If you have an old car that you want to sell it, you may be wondering if you need a roadworthy certificate. The answer is no – you can sell your scrap car without a roadworthy certificate. However, a few things should be kept in mind before doing so.
  • First, contacting a scrapyard or Sell My Caravans Brisbane willing to buy your car without a roadworthy certificate is essential. Not all buyers will be willing to do this, so it’s important to shop around and find one that is.
  • Once you’ve found a buyer, the next step is to ensure that your car is in as good of condition as possible. This means fixing any major problems (like flat tires or a dead battery) and ensuring that all fluids are topped off. The better condition your car is in, the more money you’ll be able to get for it.
  • Finally, when selling your scrap car without a roadworthy certificate, mention this upfront, so the buyer knows what they’re getting into. With this information in mind, you should have no problem selling your scrap car without any problems.

The Process of Selling a Scrap Car

It would be best if you did a few things to sell your scrap car without a roadworthy certificate. The first thing you need to do is find car wreckers Brisbane or a buyer who is willing to buy your car without a roadworthy certificate. You can find potential buyers by searching online or through classified ads. Once you’ve found a potential buyer, you need to negotiate a price for your car. Be sure to consider the value of the scrap metal in your car when negotiating the price. Once you’ve agreed on a price, you need to arrange for the car’s ownership transfer. This usually involves signing over the title of the car to the buyer and transferring any registration papers you have. Finally, you need to arrange to remove the car from your property. The buyer will typically arrange for this, but you may need to pay a fee if they don’t include it in the purchase price.

The Procedure If You Have No Roadworthy Certificate

If your car is not roadworthy, you can’t sell it. Before selling your car, you must get a roadworthy certificate from a licensed mechanic. The procedure is as follows:
  1. Take your car to a licensed mechanic and tell them you need a roadworthy certificate.
  2. The mechanic will inspect your car to ensure it is safe to drive on the road. They will check things like the brakes, tires, and engine.
  3. If the mechanic finds that your car is unsafe to drive, they will give you a list of repairs that need to be made before issuing a roadworthy certificate.
  4. Make the necessary repairs and return your car to the mechanic for another inspection.
  5. Once the mechanic is satisfied that your car is safe to drive, they will issue you a roadworthy certificate.


This article has helped you understand the process of selling a scrap car without a roadworthy certificate. While it may seem daunting, it is quite simple if you follow the steps outlined in this article. With some research and preparation, you can get rid of your old car and receive payment for it in no time.