Safety Warning for Casual Caravanners
Posted On Aug 14 2020 | News
Caravanners must need to brush up on the essential & necessary caravan safety tips. The majority of families considered caravan for their holiday’s trips. If they don’t follow the standard & legal rules, then, they have to cope with a fine as well as the accident. The authorities in NSW are concerned about the crashes happening with the caravans is about to rise. Moreover, Families considered caravans for their domestic holidays without any specialized training & licence. However, when the caravan is considered for the combined weight up to 11 tonnes then, you need to take essential training & authorized licence for it. There were 239 crashes including vehicle towing a caravan on roads of NSW in Between 2014 and 2018. According to NSW Deputy Secretary for Safety, Environment and Regulation, this was led to 12 serious injuries & 12 fatalities in this crash. Due to the high spike in collisions, it’s crucial to brush up on the inexperienced caravanners. Towing a caravan brings forth lots of weight to your vehicle, and it’s crucial to have careful Planning to manage the driver while driving. This kind of knowledge will not only protect the drivers but also to the passengers who are travelling with them. Additionally, it also saves you from the penalties by police. Careful Planning & proper analysis before going to domestic trips can make your journey amazing. So, you have to load your caravan correctly to meet the safety ratings. If you understand the importance of driving caravan in less weight or how towing can affect your driving, safety on the roads, then, it might have less stress in you.

Let’s discuss the Safety and Security Devices for Your Caravan.

Tracking systems–

Tracking system installation in your caravan is one of the best safeties& security devices. If your van gets stole then, it could easily be tracked & recover like a piece of cake.

Caravan Marking–

If you want additional security to your caravan then, mark the six-digit of its CRis number on the roof of the caravan with an ultra-violet pen.

Hitch Locks–

You can prevent your caravan from moving by investing in a hitch lock, which further restricts your mobile home as well the visual deterrent from thieves.

The Bottom Line!!

In a nutshell, we just wanted to warn about its safety warnings!! Please follow the safety requirements to save yourself from accidents & penalties if you are interested in selling your old. Scrap or accidental caravan then, buy it for top cash irrespective of any condition. You can visit our website mention above!!