Top 5 Handy Tips for Coping With Costly Caravans Repair
Posted On Aug 17 2020 | News
Is it possible to avoid costly repairs of the caravan? Undoubtedly, the repair service is quite fruitful, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t cope with them. Today, you have stumbled upon the right place!! There are lots of repairs that you can do by yourself rather than paying thousands of dollars to a mechanic. After reading this blog, you will come to know about which repairs you should go for repair outside or which of them can handle by you easily.

Replacement of Tyres-

The vast majority of people go for the service of tyre replacement for their caravan. Right? Because after six years caravan owner needs to replace its tyre, otherwise this could light to severe accidents in the future. The best part is you don’t need to pay off thousands of dollars, although, you can do it yourself. That’s so amazing!! This will cut down the high costing of repair on caravans.

Fixing Lights-

If the lights of caravans stop working then, that doesn’t mean you should go for an expert. Just think it over before putting down the money on necessary expenses. You can fix this by yourself by looking at following mention faults- Sometimes connection gets loose or may be clogged with the dirt’s, in this case, you need to clean it with suffice. The bulb has some issue better to replace that. If you get some roadblock due to fuse or circuit issue, then, calling an expert is the best option.

Rattling Noises-

Have you ever heard rattling noise in your caravan? Rattling noises is a clear indication of something is losing. Go & check what’s loosing & then tied it down or with grease.

Essential Tools-

While travelling with the caravan, some emergencies may encounter. Therefore, you must have all the essential tool with you.


Carrying spare U-bolts with you & replace them yourself in case it is required is the best way to avoid costly repairs.

Leaky Awnings-

In case of heavy pouring, you should fix an oily rag over the leak to keep you dry for the time being. Otherwise, you can be patched with duct tape.
Are you planning to Buy Second-Hand Caravan? Look at these points before putting down precious money –
Undoubtedly purchasing, a second-hand caravan is the best way to get the caravan at an affordable price. But it would help if you were attentive while buying as it brings forth some issues with them as compared to new branded one.
  • Scrapes and dents
  • Deteriorated joint sealant
  • Cracks in the chassis
  • Electrical, gas, brake and water lines
  • Doors, cupboards & windows
  • Registration papers